Tips for getting the most from a photoshoot

   * Find examples of photos you like, then show me and we'll have a great starting point!
   * Think about your clothes and have all changes of clothes readY
  *Think about your hear and makeup in advance and maybe think about having your makeup done professionally 
   * If its a group, think about coordinating your clothes or at least make sure they don't clash! Too many checks and patterns are quite distracting.
   * Make sure you have all your combs, brushes, hair accessories, hairspray and makeup easily accessible, for quick re-touch
   * For children, try to layer their clothes and accessories, it save completely changing them, plus layers look great in photos
   * I recommend a smidgen of vasoline on children's lips, to even out dry lips and make them even more kissable
   * If going on location, don't forget to take drinks and snacks, especially for children
   * On the day of the photoshoot, please relax your rules on 'treats''s only for short while and we're aiming for 'happy' and '              cooperate' kids :-)
   * I like to shoot in natural light, so the best times are between 10am and 4pm
   * Let children feel involved... Most kids love to feel they have some sort of control over what they wear or poses they want to recreate       and often these can be hilarious and kinda quirky too.
   * A dressing up box, with mums shoes, fancy hats and some other accessories , such as stings of beads are a great way of getting the kids enjoying themselves and when they're happily distracted, we can often get the most natural and treasured expressions of joy! 
   * Boys mostly like to show me their football skills, how high they can climb or their worm collection, which is equally precious!
   * A trip to the local park can be great, whether its spring and they're running through daffodils, summer... paddling in streams, Autumn, kicking leaves or winter, building snowmen and making snow angels.. All activities that get the focus 'off' of having to pose and 'say CHEESE' are recommended!
   * Have in mind what the photo is for.. A present? A particular frame? A photobook? A 'day in the life of' family photobook? A slideshow? A large canvas? A poster, all helps us to visualise the kind of Image you're looking for!
   * Remember to keep tissues and fresh wipes close at hand. Kids have an amazing way of attracting dirt around their noses and mouths!
   * If your child's having a major strop on the day, please don't get flustered... I definitely WON'T!
Remember, I've got two fab kids of my own (all grown up now) but they weren't 'always' fab, everyday! You can do whatever you usually do to discipline them 'after' I've gone but our aim, when I'm there is to get some great photos, not to make model citizens and I'm in full favour of the use of bribes on special occasions!


   * Try to feed as much as possible, right up until the minute I arrive.
   * Please make sure the room is warm, as we'll probably be undressing the baby
   * Mums, if you have a strapless top, eg a boob tube, this will be ideal
   * Also, if Mum and/or Dad has a long sleeved black top (it doesn't matter if its old, the idea is, it won't show at all in the photo.... its just for helping pose baby)
   * Dummies or Soothers, please have one handy for this one occasion, in case we can't settle baby. Don't worry, they do NOT become addicted in one hour! 
   * If the baby needs to sleep, please keep them in the same room as you before I arrive and talk normally, don't whisper, this way they wont be distressed when people start to talk
   * Don't worry about rashes, blotchy skin and milk spots.. All babies have them and photoshop deals with them beautifully! So please don't cancel just because they have a little rash or flakey skin.
   * Older siblings are often going through a bit of a tough time when a new baby arrives, so we give them lots of slack during this time and I try to make them feel as involved as possible and often make them my little helper but I also highly recommend, if possible,  having another adult (a grandparent or auntie) on hand, just in case they need some extra attention or we could be in danger of getting nothing!
   * I think this is also a great time to present the older sibling with a new toy for being such a marvellous big brother or sister!
If you have any idea's of your own, however 'off the wall' please don't hesitate to give me a call, I love a challenge and I'll try my best to make it work!
I look forward to meet you
Love Lory xx