If you're based in London or Essex and its time for you or your company to get stunning new Professional Headshots, then you've come to the right place!


Myself and an assistant will travel to your place of work, so there's as little disruption and time wasting as possible.


We will work with you on a schedule, depending on how many people are being photographed, so you can enjoy a smooth and hopefully fun and enjoyable day and most importantly, your staff will end up with photo's they're very happy with and you have a professional portfolio to share with clients.


We take time to ask each person if they have an area of concern... we all know how upsetting and frustrating it can be, when on the morning the photographer is coming, you wake up with a coldsore or a large spot on the end of your nose or you drip your egg on your only tie! 

Well fear not, retouching is included in the price.


We recommend that all staff are requested to bring and change of top, shirt or tie, so we can maximise the looks.


We bring with us, a mirror, hairbrush, makeup remover wipes and a few basic items of makeup as standard.


After editing, we resize each photo 3 times,

1 for printing, up to A4

1 for use on all WEB up to full screen

1 small file, space saving, good for sending fast, adding to the top of a web document


You will have your photos stored in a private, password protected gallery on my website and will be able to download anytime from anywhere, as many times as you wish.


No more losing your files, they're all securely backed up


If you would like to find out more, please contact Lorraine on 07984481953