Hello and and a very warm welcome to my website

Here's a little bit about me and what I can offer you..

I'm a Mum of two lovely kids, who're now all grown up :-) allowing me to concentrate on my passion for photography.

Looking back over the years, I've now realised how important and precious photographs are!

Things happen so fast and every now and then, it's good just to take a moment to look back and remember.

Photos and video are a great way of jogging the memory. I know myself, I'd have forgotten so much, if I hadn't taken the time to take photos


A 2hour sitting, is £250, plus travelling expenses (I travel by car and will be calculating my costs using Google maps)

Newborn, more than one child and family 

A short sitting is £125 and is recommended for 1 child or adult only. It lasts 30mins to 1 hour max. 

A cake smash is £125 and can be done in my little studio (as it can get very messy) It is a shorter sitting, lasting 30mins to 1 hour as basically, I just take a few shots of them before we let them loose own the cake! 
I do not provide the cake, as often children have certain food allergies, or Granny or Aunty want to make one but obviously, the more butter ice or whipped cream, the better! :)

I will then choose a selection of the best poses and fully edit them to a high standard. These will then be added to a private password protected gallery on my website.
The sitting includes 20 fully edited high Resolution Jpgs, and will be available to download and print your own (included in the price) or order prints from my professional printers (these will be at an extra cost)... the choice is yours!

My style of photography is to capture the essence of the moment, the relationships between family members and the things that are important to the kids and parents, be it their hobbies or their favourite toys and most importantly, to make the whole experience FUN!

I love kids and thankfully, most seem to like me back. (Well at least they laugh at me!)

One of the things I specialise in, is "A day in the life of" ....

In essence, it captures a 'normal' (or not so normal in some cases) day. From waking up and cleaning teeth, to messy breakfasts, playing with the 'dog', 'Barbie' or 'Mud pies', or even making cakes. Ballet/football, bath-time, story-time, play-time, snuggles and cuddles etc.

I also specialise in "Newborn babies". Those first few days are so amazing, we just can't stop looking at them but unfortunately, time doesn't wait, they're literally changing before our very eyes and in only a matter of weeks, they've changed for ever and we can hardly remember just how small they were!

Sadly, all most people have to show for it, is a few badly focussed photos, where the baby is just a blob in someones arms or scrunched up in a carrycot.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a professional photo,, clear and detailed, to look back on!

You've probably spent months and months planning each and every detail of you little bundles home coming and have drawers of wonderfully cute baby clothes, the latest buggy, cot and car seat, all costing a small fortune but in a few years time, these things wont matter!

A beautiful photograph will!

I highly recommend having the photo session done 'before' the baby reaches 10days old, as they're much more relaxed, 'mouldable', don't change position once they've been posed and don't mind being handled.

I very much hope you enjoy looking through my work and hope to hear from you soon

I also specialise in Photo-retouching
So if you have a special photo that has faded, discoloured, has dirt or scratches, has lost clarity. Or you have a distracting object you'd like removed, such as a lampost sticking out of someones head or even a family member you no longer talk to? ;-)
I can remove red-eye, spots, pimples, scars, dandruff and stray hairs.
If you'd like to be able to print the photo larger but its too grainy, I have ways to improve this
Drop me a PM if you're interested

If you'd like to be able to print the photo larger but its too grainy or loses definition,
Drop me a PM if you're interested, prices start at just £10 and would be a Maximum of £30

Lory x